About GrandSeed

GrandSeed company was set up in Shenzhen 14 years ago and since the very beginning it has specialized in offering superior quality, efficient PCB manufacturing machine and wave soldering equipment. Constant investments, innovations and rapid development resulted very soon in a complete product catalog and unrivaled service. Near Hong Kong, such a strategical location assures each piece of our SMT equipment will be sent to clients in the shortest time possible. By choosing GrandSeed, you choose the highest efficiency, reliability and precision tailored to your special demands. Read More

Main Products
  • In order for accuracy and reliance, our engineer designed a scanning-type spray system in this wave soldering machine, which is composed of PLC controller, nozzle, rodless cylinder, etc.
  • An accurate aligning system ensures no error. The solder paste screen printer is also designed with dry-type, water-type or vacuum cleaning system, suitable for different stencils.
  • When it comes to the mounting of electronic elements, this LED pick and placement machine is of high precision and efficiency, realizing a mounting speed of 22,000-25,000 chips per hour.
  • By applying professional wind wheel, stable and continuous wind is generated. It effectively ensures the uniformity of air flow and achieves the premium heating effect.
  • Each part of this PCB handling machine is connected by standard screws, which is easy to disassemble, stable and hard to deform. Plus, the disassembly does no harm to the screw.
  • This aging and life test system for LED products is designed with 5 stations×16 E27 lamp holders and 4 pairs of T8 fluorescent lamp holders.