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Double Wave Soldering Machine, GSD-WD350T

Double Wave Soldering System, Lead Free Soldering Equipment, Large Scale Double Wave Solder

Outstanding Features
1. Designed with antioxidant solder pot and compact design, this wave solder is highly efficient, energy saving, secure and eco-friendly.
2. The automatic computer control system helps to realize a significant increase in working efficiency and decrease in production cost.
3. By using fully automatic dynamic system, the wave soldering machine realizes continuous variable speed transmission.
4. In order for accuracy and reliance, our engineer designed a scanning-type spray system in this wave soldering machine, which is composed of PLC controller, nozzle, rodless cylinder, etc.
5. The preheating system adopts three-stage control system, allowing for excellent insulation, fast heating and uniform temperature.
6. Good soldering quality is ensured by titanium alloy chains.
7. The imported high-temperature motor leads to stable working and continuous variable speed transmission.
8. An attractive advantage of this wave soldering system lies in its lead free design, which is environmentally friendly and simplifies the machine cleaning work.
9. In comparison to conventional solders, this lead free wave welder implements high speed PID control system, assuring fast heating and avoiding the leakage of tin.
10. With the timer, user can pre-set the time to turn on/off machine. The heating time requires about 70 minutes.
11. A recorder is used to offer real-time operation records and boost efficiency.
12. The automatic cleaning function guarantees the cleanness of chains.
13. When it comes to machine protection, a sensitive warning system is equipped. It offers a strong guarantee for the stable machine operation and the safety of operator.

Main Parts

  • Outline drawings
  • Outline drawings
  • Conveyoror
  • Software
  • Spraying system
  • Preheating system
  • Automatic solder adding device
Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Control system Touch screen+PLC (GrandSeed PCBASE wave soldering software V1.0)
Conveyor motor 1P AC220V, 60W
Conveyor speed 0-2000mm/min
Width of board 30-350mm
Flux capacity 6L
Preheating zone 1800 mm, three-stage, PID control system, room temperature-250℃
Heating temperature of solder pot 1KW * 9PCS, room temperature-300℃
Tin consumption 350KG
Wave height 0-12MM
Motor 3P AC220V, 0.18KW * 2PCS
Pump of holder cleaning system 1P AC220V 6W
Conveyor direction Left to right
Soldering angle 3-6 º
Pressure of flux 3-5BAR
Power supply AC380V 50HZ
Total power 8KW / 21KW
Machine dimensions 4260(L)*1400(W)*1700(H)MM
Frame size 3400(L)*1400(W)*1700(H)MM
Net weight 1150KG
Main Configurations
Motor of gearbox PANASONIC, 60W
Titanium holder GrandSeed, 1.5mm thick
Motor of solder pot B&M, three-phase, six-pulse, 0.18kw, high temperature resistant
Motor of cleaning device TALOW magnetic drive pump, overheat protection, automatic turn on/off
Cylinder UNIVER rodless cylinder
Spray nozzle Rumina, ST-6
Intermediate relay OMRON MY2 MY4
Frequency changer Delta 0.4kW
Heating tube Taizhan (Infrared porcelain + nichrome wire)
Optoelectronic switch JORDER
Proximity switch FOTEX
U-shape speed sensor OMRON
Solid-state relay YANGJI, 40A
AC contactor SCHNEIDER
Thermocouple STELUX, K-type
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