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Loose Radial Lead Cutting Machine

Loose Radial Lead Cutter, Radial Component Lead Cutting Machine, PCB Lead Cutting Equipment

Main Features
1. The loose radial lead cutting machine is well suited for LED lights, capacitors or other electronic elements.
2. The vibration feeding method makes it easy to transfer elements of various types.
3. Imported from Japan, the squeegee is sharp and durable.
4. Elements of the control system are also introduced from Japan, with long service life and stable quality.
5. The cutter and automatic feeding device can be independently used.
6. Convenient operation has been realized due to the application of anti-static casters, platforms, etc.
7. The feeding device is applicable for ¢3--¢10 capacitors and ¢3--¢5 LED lights.

Technical Parameters
Items Specifications
Power supply 110V/220V AC. 60HZ/50HZ
Dimensions (L×W×H) 1100×650×1000 mm
Net weight 140kg
Production capacity 7000-12000 pcs/h
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