Wave Solder Pot

Cabinet-Style Soldering Pot, Solder Pot, Wave-Type Solder Pot

1. The wave solder pot is designed with a stream line body and produced from 2 mm thick steel plates. With the foot stands at four corners, user can adjust the horizontal level and height of this cabinet-style soldering pot. Plus, the entire solder pot is painted blue.
2. The 2mm thick stainless steel contributes the outstanding properties of the wave solder pot, such as high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long service and adaptation to lead materials.
3. When working, this wave solder pot processes 250 kg tin and the screw plug leads to convenient and safe operation. Plus, the solder pot is outfitted with anti-oxidation device and the nozzle is 300mm long and 250mm wide.
4. In this wave-type solder pot, the motor adopts B&M high-temperature motor. The frequency changer ensures accurate digital regulation of the wave height.
5. Stainless steel heating tubes are built in the heating device, allowing for a long lifespan. Not only that, this wave solder pot implements two-layer heating method, which is more precise and free from the leakage of tin.
6. The turn-on /off time can be set by user.

Technical Parameters
Items Specifications
Control method Buttons
Width of board 250 -300mm
Heating capacity 1kW × 10PCS, room temperature-300℃
Volume 250KG
Motor of wave solder AC220V, 0.18kW × 1PCS
Power supply AC380V 50HZ
Total power 5KW / 13KW
Dimensions (mm) 700(L)×580(W)×840(H)
Net weight 100 kg
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