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PCB Conformal Coating Machine

PCB Conformal Coating Equipment, Conformal Coating System, Conformal Coating Solutions

Attractive Features
1. This PCB conformal coating machine provides continuously variable transmission and automatic board feeding.
2. In the flux spraying system, an imported nozzle, rodless cylinder and PLC controller are equipped. It's accurate and reliable.
3, When it comes to the drying system in this PCB conformal coating equipment, infrared ceramic heating tubes are used for its fast heating speed and uniform heating effect. Plus, the heating temperature error is ±2℃.
4. The module design of the drying system significantly simplifies the maintenance and repair.
5. Made using stainless steel, the tray is used for collecting waste water and coating materials. It's easy to change and clean.
6. Pressure-type air knife is utilized to blow off extra flux into recycle box. By doing so, the coating is prevented from the drying system, leading to a safe working environment.
7. The bracket makes use of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which is consistent to corrosion, easy to maintain and durable.
8. In the conformal coating system, the temperature is controlled by PID and thermocouple, precise and reliable. In addition, the temperature control system also gives an alarm when there is anomaly to thermocouple.
9. The guide rail will always be parallel thanks to the three-point regulating device. The regulating accuracy is lower than 0.2 mm.
10. GrandSeed independently develops the conveyor chains, which is hard to deform.
11. The entire PCB conformal coating machine is well designed, allowing for the security of operator and stability of machine.

Technical Parameters
Adjustable width range of PCB 50-300mm
Conveyor height 750±50mm
Conveyor speed 0-2.0 m/min
Conveyor direction Left to right
Max. height of PCB elements 100mm
Length of drying zone 1300mm
Quantity of preheating zone 1
Power of pre-heating zone 3kW
Temperature of pre-heating zone Room temperature-110℃, adjustable
Heating method Infrared
Temperature control method P.I.D+SSR
Machine control method Touch screen +PLC
Capacity 6L
Spraying method Rodless cylinder+ Lumina sprayer
Power supply 3-phase, 5-wire 380V
Start-up power 6kW
Working power 2.5kW
Air supply 4~7KG/CM2
Frame dimensions (L×W×H) 3000×1200×1650 mm
Machine dimensions (L×W×H) 3700×1200×1650 mm
Weight 650kg
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