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Manual Stencil Printer

Desktop Stencil Printer, Manual Stencil Solder Printer, SMT Stencil Printer

Main Advantages
1. The manual stencil printer achieves desktop printing and manual operation.
2. The manual stencil solder printer is outfitted with metal net and changeable stations.
3. Large and thin workpiece can also be precisely processed by this desktop stencil printer.
4. The stencil printer can be adjusted in X-axis and Y-axis. The aluminum alloy platform is resistant to deformation and corrosion, easy to operate and possesses a long service life. It's appropriate for various kinds of stencil printing.
5. Characterized by low cost, easy operation, manual adjustment and high efficiency, this manual stencil printer is ideally suitable for the production of printed circuit boards.

Technical Parameters
Model: GSD-SY400
Printing area: 320mm×440mm
Adjusting method: Manual
Dimensions (L×W×H): 550mm×400mm×300mm

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