PCB Turn Conveyor

Turning Conveyor, 90 Degrees Turn Conveyor, PCB Turn Diverter

1. An enclosed design ensures the highest possible degree of security.
2. The top cover can be opened for maintenance.
3. PLC controller is used for machine control.
4. The LED control panel makes the operation easy and convenient.
5. Continuous and stable operation is realized by the stepper motor, which realizes a dramatic decrease in the processing time.
6. The width adjustment is smooth and easy.
7. The conveyor direction of PCB can be customized.
8. A minimum transport gap between conveyors is assured.
9. SMEMA signal interface is mounted.

Technical Parameters
Product name PCB turn conveyor
Description Used for the transport of printed circuit boards
Processing time About 5 seconds
Power AC, 230V, single-phase, 150 VA
Min. thickness of PCB 0.6 mm
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