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Linking Conveyor (Working Light Installable)

Printed Circuit Board Handling Equipment, PCB Handling System, PCB Linking Conveyor

Main Strengths
1. This linking conveyor has automatic and manual working modes and is equipped with anti-static work table.
2. The usage of anti-static belts and aluminum guide rails helps to ensure smooth linking and stable transfer.
3. The width adjusting system assures parallel rails, making it convenient for operator to test at any time.
4. This PCB handling equipment can receive signals and be connected with other equipment.
5. Standard lamp holders and PCB holders are used.
6. The speed regulator provides 0-2m/min stepless regulation.

Technical Parameters
Items Specifications
Control system Single-chip microcomputer
Width of guide rail 50-350mm
Conveyor direction L→R (R→L)
Conveyor height 910 ± 30 mm
Conveyor speed 0-2/min
Power 15W
Power supply AC220V 50HZ
Weight Approx.50 kg
Height of lamp holder 1400mm
Dimensions (L×W×H) 1000×630×910 mm
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