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Solder Paste Mixer

SMT Solder Paste Mixer, Solder Paste Mixing Machine, Solder Mixing Machine

1. The solder paste mixer enjoys a high degree of automation, stable properties, easy operation, high security and convenient maintenance.
2. Its unique appearance design is elegant and beautiful, thanks to the advanced coating technique.
3. The mixing method is based the rotation of motor and requires no deicing of solder paste.
4. It only takes a short time to get perfect solder mixture.
5. This SMT solder paste mixer is applicable for any kinds of solder pastes. It can handle two pots of pastes simultaneously, saving time and increasing production efficiency.
6. A set mixing time assures the stability of solder and uniform mixture.

Technical Parameters
Items Specifications
Rotate speed of motor 1000rpm/min
Mixing speed 500g/1000g
Mixing time Adjustable
Working noise Low noise
Power supply 220V 50/60HZ
Dimensions (L×W×H) 410×410×490mm
Net weight 45kg
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