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Automatic Insertion Conveyor

Automatic Insertion Line, Automatic Inserting Conveyor, PCB Insertion Conveyor

Main Advantages
1. Produced from 2mm thick steel plates, the work table is strong and has a height of 750±20mm.
2. In this automatic insertion conveyor, 28W energy saving fluorescent lamp is used for lighting. In order to ensure high strength and strong structure, 25×50 mm and 40×40 mm steel tubes are applied.
3. The main structure makes use of aluminum and chains, highly strong and rigid.
4. The guide rail provides an adjustable width range of 30-300 mm.
5. High strength 40mm×40mm steel is implemented for the manufacture of support.

Technical Parameters
Items Specifications
Motor 220V, 40W, DPG motor
Speed 0-1.8 meters/ min, adjustable
Max. width 300 mm
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