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Manual Cutting Machine

PCB Cutting Machine, Cutting Equipment of PCB Pin, Pin Cutting Machine

Major Characteristics
1. Outfitted with sensitive interface, contact switch and limiter, this pin cutting machine is of high security.
2. The motor has a rotational speed of 4300 rpm, which ensures high cutting speed and cutting precision.
3. In order for wear resistance and high durability, the guide rails of this manual cutting machine has been specially processed.
4. The deflection of shaft is controlled within 0.02mm, assuring concentric operation.
5. This PCB cutting machine is covered with 1.5mm thick steel plate, contributing to noise level of 60-80 dB.
6. The pin can be cut as short as 1.0mm.
7. This manual cutting machine is applicable for printed circuit boards that are smaller than 400mm ×300m.

Technical Parameters
Items Specifications
Power supply AC 220V, 50HZ/60HZ
Power of motor 550W
Shortest length of pin 1 mm
Groove width 2mm (Applicable for 1.8mm thick PCB)
Dimensions 930×500×860 mm
Net weight 70 kg
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