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PCB Handling Equipment

Wave Solder Outfeed Conveyor, Linking Conveyor, Dual Motor Controlled Linking Conveyor

    1. Wave Solder Outfeed Conveyor This wave solder outfeed conveyor is intended for discharging PCB boards that have undergone wave soldering process. Both ends of this wave solder unloader conveyor can be adjusted by lead screw.
    1. Linking Conveyor This linking conveyor has automatic and manual working modes and is equipped with anti-static work table. The usage of anti-static belts and aluminum guide rails helps to ensure smooth linking and stable transfer.
    1. Linking Conveyor (Working Light Installable) The width adjusting system assures parallel rails, making it convenient for operator to test at any time. This PCB handling equipment can receive signals and be connected with other equipment.
    1. Solder Paste Mixer The solder paste mixer enjoys a high degree of automation, stable properties, easy operation, high security and convenient maintenance.
    1. Automatic Insertion Conveyor In this automatic insertion conveyor, 28W energy saving fluorescent lamp is used for lighting. In order to ensure high strength and strong structure, 25×50 mm and 40×40 mm steel tubes are applied.
    1. Wave Solder Input Conveyor The wave solder input conveyor is especially designed for the input of printed circuit boards before entering wave soldering process.
    1. Manual Cutting Machine Outfitted with sensitive interface, contact switch and limiter, this pin cutting machine is of high security. The motor has a rotational speed of 4300 rpm, which ensures high cutting speed and cutting precision.
    1. Semi-auto Stencil Printer YS350 This semi-auto stencil printer is controlled by a microcomputer. The touch screen ensures convenient operation. According to the model and length of squeegee, the pressure can be adjusted.
    1. Loose Radial Lead Cutting Machine The loose radial lead cutting machine is well suited for LED lights, capacitors or other electronic elements. The vibration feeding method makes it easy to transfer elements of various types.
    1. PCB Flipper An enclosed design ensures the highest possible degree of security. The top cover can be opened for maintenance. PLC is used for machine control.
    1. Stencil Drying Rack The support is made from 40 ×40× 1.2 mm aluminum square tubes. 30× 30× 1.8 mm angle aluminum is used to regulate the horizontal level. Four casters and four footstands are equipped.
    1. PCB Traverser / Shuttle Conveyor The PCB traverser is PLC program controlled. By using this PCB conveyor, user is able to transfer printed circuit boards from one line to another line safety and swimmingly.
    1. Wave Solder Pot The wave solder pot is designed with a stream line body and produced from 2 mm thick steel plates. With the foot stands at four corners, user can adjust the horizontal level and height of this cabinet-style soldering pot.
    1. PCB Conformal Coating Machine This PCB conformal coating machine provides continuously variable transmission and automatic board feeding. In the flux spraying system, an imported nozzle, rodless cylinder and PLC controller are equipped. It's accurate and reliable.
    1. PCB Magazine Loader The PCB magazine loader is simply easy to operate due to the application of touch screen, PLC controller and intelligent operation interface. The pitch control can be adjusted according to the height and thickness of printed circuit boards.
    1. Manual Stencil Printer The manual stencil printer achieves desktop printing and manual operation. The manual stencil solder printer is outfitted with metal net and changeable stations.
    1. PCB Magazine Unloader Control method: PLC Size of PCB (L×W×H): 50×50×0.8 mm-250×330×2 mm Conveyor height: 900±20mm
    1. PCB Turn Conveyor An enclosed design ensures the highest possible degree of security. The top cover can be opened for maintenance. Continuous and stable operation is realized by the stepper motor, which realizes a dramatic decrease in the processing time.