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Lead Free Reflow Oven, GSD-M8N

Lead Free Reflow Soldering Oven, Reflow Oven for Electronic Parts, Lead Free Soldering Equipment

Attractive Properties
1. Equipped with up-to-date soldering techniques, this reflow soldering machine takes care of each corner of workpieces, extremely appropriate for the processing of electronic elements like CSP, BGA, 0201 CHIP and more.
2. By applying professional wind wheel, stable and continuous wind is generated. It effectively ensures the uniformity of air flow and achieves the premium heating effect.
3. The high-temperature and high-speed motor leads to smooth airflow, little vibrations and low noise.
4. Each heating zone implements independent circulation, PID control and separated heating method, allowing for accuracy heating temperature and large thermal capacity.
5. The UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) guarantees the normal operation of PCB and avoids elements damages when the power is cut off.
6. In the lead free reflow oven, the furnace is produced from imported stainless steel plates to ensure no harm to the environment.
7. The insulation layer makes good use of high quality aluminum silicate for good insulation and fast heating. It takes less than 20 minutes to reach the working temperature.
8. The lead free reflow oven is superior to other regular reflow soldering machinery for its special design of furnace, which requires the lowest energy consumption in the industry.
9. An ideal combination of cylinder and rod supports makes the hoisting process secure and convenient.
10. As for the conveyor of PCB, continuously variable transmission is applied. It's of high stability.
11. The guide rails are made using aluminum alloy. Along with an automatic lubricating system, accurate width adjustment and long service life have been got.
12. An efficient cooling device helps to decrease the temperature of finished PCB boards lower than 50℃.a
13. The soldering flux recycling system keeps the furnace clean.

More Details
1. The structure of lead free reflow oven system is compliant with mechanics principles and is outfitted with cylinders on both ends, making it difficult to deform. The cover weighs 3 kg, easy to open. The entire soldering system is scientific-designed, safe, labor saving, effective and eco-friendly.

2. Covered with electrostatic coating, the reflow oven shows smooth surface and beautiful appearance.

3. The Windows system makes the operation convenient and easy. First of all, two controlling methods are available, computer control and emergency manual control. It is of high security. Secondly, the communication between PC and PLC conforms to PC/PP protocol, allowing for stable working and no system crash. Thirdly, the powerful software conducts online temperature testing on PCB boards and offers real-time data analysis and storage. Finally, detailed working information can be easily got thanks to the automatic monitoring system.

Technical Parameters
Items Specifications
Control system PC+PLC
Heating/cooling 16 heating zones + 2 cooling zones
Length of heating zone 2750mm
Temperature control Room temperature-350℃
Temperature control ±1-2 ℃
Temperature difference at three points ±2℃
Cooling method Forced air cooling 2 independent cooling zones
Width of PCB 30-320mm
Conveyor height 900±20mm
Conveyor method Guide rails + mesh belt
Conveyor direction Left to right
Conveyor speed 0-2000 mm /min
Width adjustment range of guide rails 30-320 mm
Width of mesh belt 400 mm
Power supply A3ø380V 50HZ
Total power 10.8/50KW
Dimensions 4600mm(L)*960mm(W)*1400mm(H)
Net weight 1100KG
Main Configurations
PLC, temperature controller, communication module GRADNSEED, single-chip microcomputer, (DR-AD24X26Y38/41(STM32F103ZET6)
Computer Lenovo E4300
Motor of gearbox Panasonic
Motor of heating device Taiwan Sanyue 120 W
Cylinder, electromagnetic valve Airtac
Intermediate relay OMRON
Frequency changer Delta, VFD-series
Heating tube Taizhan, nicrhome wire
Centrifugal fan Xinfeida, 130FLJ5
U-shape speed sensor OMRON
Solid-state relay YANGJI, 40A
AC contactor Schneider
Thermocouple Yinguang, K-type
PLC, temperature controller, communication module GRADNSEED, single-chip microcomputer, (DR-AD24X26Y38/41(STM32F103ZET6)
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