Chip Mounter, GSD-TP1200

Pick & Place Machine, SMT Placement Equipment, Chip Mounting Machine

This type of pick and place machine is applicable for circuit boards with a size of 1215mm × 315mm. Wide usage of this chip mounting machine has been found in the mounting of chips, dioxides, trioxides, SOT, to name a few.

Technical Parameters
Max. board size 1215mm×315mm
Max. movement of XY axis 432mm×515mm
Max. movement of Z axis 20mm
Max. placement speed 5500
Avg. placement speed 4500
Positioning precision 0.01mm
Buffering range of placement head 4.5
Power supply 220V, 50Hz
Air pressure 0.5-0.6Mpa
Power 800W
Feeder 8, 12, 16, 24mm
Applicable components 0603, 0805, 1206(3014), 1210(3528), 5050 chips, dioxides, trioxides, SOT, etc.
Quantity of feeder 6
Motor Stepper motor
Placement head Dual-head
Driving system High speed DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
Processing angle 0-360°, simultaneously rotate while working
Monitoring system Automatic adjustment, centering, feeding
Sensor of monitoring system High-speed, high-resolution CCD
Operation system of monitor Industrial-control PC
X/Y working method New generation linear interpolation and linkage device, V201303
Air source Positive-pressure and negative-pressure air system
Operation system In-house developed 2013 version
Programming system PCB data input, visual programming, etc.
Sensor of programming system High-definition infrared CCD
Display 15-inch high-definition color monitor
Weight 350KG
Dimensions 2180*920*1240 mm
Main Configurations
No. Article No. Components Model Quantity
1 T15-L1200-T2 BOREYT15-L1200-L2 T15-L1200-L2 1
2 XZ-JJGXZT01 Placement head-2T-A1 Exclusive use 4
3 XZ-JJGXZT02 Placement head-2T-A2 Exclusive use 4
4 XZ-JJGXZT03 Placement head-2T-A3 Exclusive use 4
5 XZ-JJGXZT04 Placement head-2T-A4 Exclusive use 4
6 XZ-JJGXZT05 Placement head-2T-A5 Exclusive use 4
7 XZ-JJGZT01 Placement head-2T Exclusive use 4
8 TH00000001 Placement head for buffering Exclusive use 4
9 DL-220V-0001 Power line, 220V Exclusive use 1
10 DL-USB-0001 USB cable Exclusive use 1
11 SJDWK-001 Alignment device Exclusive use 1
12 DL-XJ-SET01 Sensor setting device Exclusive use 1
13 SMS-T15-2-01 Specifications Exclusive use 1
14 BZTZ15FL1200L2 T15F-L1200-L2 packaging material Exclusive use 1
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