Chip Mounter, SM471

Pick & Place Machine, Placement Equipment for Print Circuit Boards, Chip Mounting Machine

1. By applying 10-head placement device, the chip mounter realizes a processing speed of 75,000 chips per hour.
2. The correcting system assures precise positioning and alignment, leading to reliable mounting.
3. The newly-developed guide rails cuts the PCB transfer time into the shortest amounts, which leads to large production.
4. Accurate positioning of workpieces of irregular shapes is ensured by the most up-to-date positioning device.
5. The vacuum pump contributes to minimizing the delay of mounting and stabilizing the material feeding.
6. High-precision and high-speed operation is realized.

Technical Parameters
Machine Chip mounter, SM471
Number of placement heads 10 heads × 2
Placement Speed (Optimum) 75,000 CPH
Applicable electronic elements Chip 0402, IC, connector, BGA, CSP
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