Chip Mounter, SM482

Pick & Place Machine, Chip Mounting Machine, SMT Placement Machine

Major Features
1. A replacement speed of 28,000 CPH has been designed in this pick and place machine by using 6-head placement device.
2. The correcting system assures precise positioning and alignment, leading to reliable mounting.
3. Accurate positioning of workpieces of irregular shapes is ensured by the most up-to-date positioning device.
4. Stable feeding and least possible energy consumption have been assured by the vacuum pump.
5. High-precision and high-speed operation is realized.

Technical Parameters
Model SM482
Positioning Moveable sensor + fixed sensor
Placement device 6 heads × 1
Placement speed 28,000 CPH
Placement precision Chip/QFP ±50μm@μ+3σ/Chip, ±30μm@μ+3σ/QFP
Components Movable sensor FOV 16 (Optional) 0402(01005 inch)-□14mmIC, Connector( Pin spacing: 0.4mm) BGA, CSP( Distance between solder balls: 0.5mm)
FOV 25 (Standard configuration) 0603(0201inch)-□22mmIC, Connector(Pin spacing: 0.5mm) -□17mmBGA, CSP(Distance between solder balls: 0.75mm)
Fixed sensor FOV 35 (Optional) -□32mmIC, Connector (Pin spacing: 0.3mm) BGA, CSP(Distance between solder balls: 0.5mm) -□55mm(MFOV)
FOV 45 (Standard configuration) -□42mmIC, Connector(Pin spacing: 0.4mm) BGA, CSP(Distance between solder balls: 1.0mm) -□55mm(MFOV), -□75mm connector
Max. height 15mm
PCB size Minimum (L×W) 50mm × 40mm
Maximum (L×W) 4460mm× 400mm, 510mm×460mm 610mm×510mm, 740mm× 460mm
PCB thickness 0.38-4.2 mm
Feeder 120ea/112ea
Electricity Power supply AC200/208/240/380/415V (50/60Hz, 3Phase)Max.4.7kVA
Air pressure 0.5-0.7MPa(5-7kgf/cm2)180NL/min, 50NT/min
Weight Approx.1,600 kg
Dimensions 1,650mm×1, 5680mm×1, 530mm
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