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Offline AOI Inspection Machine, GSD-A410

Offline AOI System, Offline AOI Tester, Automated Inspection Machine for PCB

Brief Introduction
This offline AOI inspection machine is manufactured with unique image colleting device and light supply system, it’s capable to test a comprehensive range of circuit boards, ideally suited for the test and inspection of components that have been wave soldered, SMT reflow processed, etc.

1. This PCB AOI inspection machine is economical and practical.
2. Equipped with high-precision testing platform, this AOI system is widely used for testing electronic components.
3. The programming system of this automated optical inspection machine is fast and intelligent.
4. Automatic and quick recognition of PCB is realized in this automated optical inspection system.
5. The statistics and analysis is professional.

Technical Parameters
Components Items Parameters
Recognition System Inspection Using multiple algorithms such as WIDM, color extracting technology, similarity, two-value handing technology, OCR/OCV and so on
Camera Color CCD camera:12/15/20um (Option)
Light source RGB LED light
Image Processing Speed 0201 Chip < 10ms
Per-image Time < 170ms
Inspection Items Paste Printing Defects Misaligned, overflow, material insufficient, stain
Component Defects Missing, shift, skewed, tombstone, billboard, overturned, reverse, polarity, damage
Solder Defects Overflow, insufficient, unqualified solder, stain
Anti-Static Anti-static electric outlet
Mechanical System PCB Size 25*25mm-330*480mm or customized
PCB Thickness 0.5mm-2.5mm
PCB Warp Tolerance < 2mm
Component Clearance TOP< 30mm,BOT< 75mm
Minimum Space Parts 0201 chip(15um)
X,Y Platform Driver AC server
Orientation < 15um
Moving Speed 700m/s
Soft system Operation System Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Controlling &Recognizing
WIDM, automatically set template imaging, identify data and error numerical value

Graphic programming, chip library, inspect frame according to chip shape, make adjustment
Mark Mark Numbers 0-2 marks can be chosen
Recognizing speed 0.5s/pcs
Controller Computer CPU: Intel dual-core, Memory:4G, Hard disk: 500G
Display 23 inch TFT
Others Machine Dimensions(L*W*H) 87cm*104cm*130cm
Weight 480Kg
Power Supply AC220V, 10%, single-phase 5A 50/60Hz, 600W
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