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Chip Component Taping Machine, GSD-1902

Fully Automatic Taping Machine, LED Taping Machine, Automatic System for Taping Components

Attractive Advantages
1. The chip component taping machine is outfitted with large-capacity hopper, which offers automatic feeding, save manpower and does material screening.

2. The high speed CCD testing system provides double inspection and ensures the taping quality.

3. By using this chip component taping machine, users boost the production efficiency and decrease manual operation to the greatest possible extent for its high degree of automation. Plus, several taping machines only require one operator.

4. The guide rails has been improved and equipped with a vibrations plate, ensuring fast and quick separation of materials.

5. In this fully automatic taping machine, a motor is used for positioning. It’s precise, little noise and sensitive.

6. This kind of chip component taping machine realizes intelligent material feeding. For unqualified materials, it automatically screens out and keeps materials of high quality, realizing a significant decrease in labor cost and increase in production efficiency.

7. Automatic cutting is realized by this taping machine.

8. Max. speed: 48K/H

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