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Component Insertion Machine

Axial Inserter, Component Insertion Equipment, Automatic Insertion Machine

Main Features
1. Compared to conventional axial inserters, this component insertion machine is best known for compact structure, low damage rate and high stability. Its damage rate is nearly close to international standard.
2. This component insertion equipment is easy to operate and saves a lot on manpower cost.
3. The special vibration design assures stable material feeding.
4. By applying this component insertion machine, the user doesn't need to worry about short circuit or bad processing quality.
5. High precise positioning and inserting is guaranteed by this automatic insertion machine. Additionally, it can automatically insert those missed spots.

Technical Parameters
Air pressure 6-8 kg
Power supply AC-220V /50Hz
Total power 3kW, working power: 1.5kW
Speed 18-22 pcs/min, P10 single color, 512 resolution, LED printed circuit boards 10-12 pcs/min, P10 full color, 768 resolution, LED printed circuited boards
Weight About 700 kg
Dimensions (L×W×H) 1950mm×1750mm×1800mm
Lead screen Adjustable, 650mm from X-axis to origin, 25mm from Y-axis to origin
Adjustable, X-axis moving time ≤ 4500ms or Y-axis moving time ≤ 120ms
Adjustable, 35mm down to X-axis or a moving distance of 30ms down to Z-axis
Tightness Adjustable, 3mm displacement in X-axis, 105mm displacement in Y-axis
Foot stands Adjustable range: 0-1.5mm, adjustable angle range: 0-30°
Main Configurations
Configurations Items Brands Origin of place Model Notes
Control system PLC Omron Japan CP1H Small-scale, multiple functional
PLC extended module CP1W Digital extended module
PLC extended module CP1W
Interface Touch screen Weinview Taiwan TK6070iH Stable properties, easy-to-operate interface
Transmission system Servo motor Delta Taiwan ASDA-B2(400W/750W) Flexible control, high precision
Lead screen HIWIN
Small clearance, little noise
Main guide rail
Large bearing, small clearance
Minor rail-01 HIWIN Taiwan

Minor rail-02 IKO Japan

Power system Power supply Schneider Germany

Relay system Intermediate relay Omron Japan

Protection system Leakage protector Chint China

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