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Automatic PCB Test Line for Mobile Phone

PCB Test Line for Cell Phones, Automatic PCB Test System, PCB Inspection System

Brief Introduction
This automatic PCB test line is designed with several automatic PCB testers, integrating robot technology and flexible design. It satisfies different requirements for the inspection of circuit boards. By this automatic PCB test line for mobile phone, user can conduct inspection and examination on cell phones and wireless modules, adjust parameters, test WIFI GPS function and more.

This automatic PCB test system is also known for its automatic feeding, conveying, screening out unqualified products, etc. By using a robot, the PCB inspection system effectively cuts cost and improves production. At the same time, this automatic PCB test line for mobile phone is compatible with various tests of different products, realizing high universality.

Working Process
Firstly of all, according to the positioning device, the robot captures the PCB and sends it to the testing box. Secondly, after receiving the circuit board, the testing box automatically conducts series of exams. Thirdly, when the primary test is finished, the robot will then put the board into another testing box, which will finally get rid of unqualified products and send it to the defective product belt.

Main Advantages
1. Automatic Feeding Device
The special piling design contributes to continuous and smooth feeding. Plus, an independent positioning device is equipped.

2. Automatic Discharging Device
When the quantity of finished products accumulates to a certain value, the device will automatically discharge. Meanwhile, the alarming system will give a warning while no materials or materials overloaded. A wheel is also outfitted to simplify the products moving work.

3. Unqualified Product Rejection
A photoelectric sensor is used to detect defective products, which will then be transferred by variable frequency motor.

4. Short Jig Changing Time
Through hard working and innovation, we greatly cut the jig changing time to 20 seconds. In addition, the robot automatically makes machine adjustment to ensure the machine runs at its optimum.

Technical Parameters
Machine Automatic PCB test line for mobile phone
Ports Dual-ports
8 ports (8*2) 12 ports (12*2)
Dimensions 2500*2200*2000 mm
Functional circuit test DL, SN, BT, FT, WBG DL, SN
Max. size of PCBA 140*68mm
Standard hardware configurations EPSON LS6 mechanical arm
RC90 controller
Automatic feeding and discharging device
Computer display
Nozzles ×4
Top-mounted camera×1
Standard software configurations Software controller

Software package
Recognizing system
Flexible distributing system
Automatic position calibration system
Optional devices Shielding box
Top-mounted camera
Bottom-mounted camera
Transferring unit with 2 channels and 3 working positions
Transferring unit with 4 channels and 3 working positions
Transferring unit
Transferring unit with 20 pairs of working positions
Computer display of testing machine
Notes: ● Required ○ Optional ╳ Unavailable
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