Wooden Board Assembly Line for LED Tubes

LED Tubes Assembly Line, LED Tubes Handling Equipment, Conveyor Workstations for LED Tubes

Work table
1200 mm wide, make δ18mm wood plate as raw material, covered with anti-static rubber and T-shaped binding tape.

Drive system
1. Both ends are manufactured from square steel. It's of high stability and fastens the motor.
2. The speed regulator realizes a processing speed of 0-6 meters per minute, with little noise.

Major Strengths
1. The support makes use of 40mm×40mm square steel and the work stable is 750±20mm.
2. Each part of this LED tubes assembly line is connected by standard screws, which is easy to disassemble, stable and hard to deform. Plus, the disassembly does no harm to the screw.
3. In the power supply system, PVC trunking and 4mm2 power line are used. In addition, multiple outlet is mounted every meter in the system.
4. The worktable is 1200 mm wide and produced from δ18mm wooden boards. In order for static resistance, the table is also covered with rubber and T-shape binding tape.
5. The instrument desk is 400 wide and makes use of δ18mm as raw material. It is coated with white fire-proof plate and T-shape bonding tape.
6. Made using 10×24 mm aluminum, the shelf is used for holding technique card for every work station.
7. Above the lamp bracket, two aluminum beams are installed with gliders.
8. The H-shape frame is made using 40*40mm square tubes and connected with standard screws, easy to disassemble and difficult to deform.
9. T5 18W LED lights are installed on both sides for lighting.

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