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Fully Automatic Assembly Line for Welding Machine

Welding Machine Assembly Line, Automatic Assembly Line for Welding Equipment, Assembly System for Welding Machine

Major Parts of Fully Automatic Assembly Line for Welding Machine
Drive System
1. Yong Kun 2HP horizontal motor, 1: 120 gearbox
2. Working speed: 6 meters/min
3. RF2060 high-speed chain

Electric System
1. Mitsubishi PLC
2. Mitsubishi air switch
3. OMRON relay

Work Table
The table makes use of 20 mm plates and is covered with anti-static rubber and T-shape binding tape.

The barrier is controlled by a foot switch.

1. The support makes use of 50mm× 50mm× 2.0mm steel square tubes. The height of work table is 740±20 mm.
2. Both sides of the assembly line utilize high strength 100× 118 mm aluminum material is used.
3. T5 18W LED tubes are applied for lighting. The light bracket is produced from 20×50 mm steel tubes.
4. The power system is installed with a socket every 1.2 meters.
5. 40SM and 20PH connectors are implemented.
6. Aluminum materials and A4 acrylic board are applied in the work table.
7. 28×35mm aluminum material is used for the guide rail.

Currently, we are able to offer fully automatic assembly line for welding machines of 15 meters, 20 meters and 48 meters.

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