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GrandSeed is a highly accomplished company specializing in the design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of SMT solutions and PCB equipment, including reflow ovens, screen printers, aging lines, SMT conveyors, to name a few. Extensive applications of our machinery have been found in the production of LED screens, fluorescent tubes, air conditioners, remote controllers, welding machines, etc.

Case Study

Nanbeiyuan Semiconductor Illuminating Company applies our wave soldering machines and reflow ovens in their production line of fluorescent tubes.

Chongqing Angdun Company is a manufacturer of set top boxes and makes use of our wave soldering machines, aging lines, automatic insertion conveyors and so forth.

Another client, OUTMASS Electronics turns to us for reflow ovens and production lines for LCD screens. Additionally, the manufacturing plant is designed by GrandSeed.

Overseas Markets
  • After visiting our manufacturing plants, the Malaysian client ordered five sets of semi-automatic stencil printers.

  • The Ukrainian client was impressed by our certificates and awards and became one of our dealers.

  • Through a deep understanding of our machines, the customer from Turkey placed an order of four large-scale wave soldering machines.

  • Six sets of large-scale wave soldering machines were bought by the Egyptian customer. He showed great satisfaction with the machine performance and efficiency.

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Shenzhen Grandseed Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Mr. Liu Haiming (Nick Liu)
Tel.: +86-13823284209
Email: gsd03@gsdsmt.com