Chip Mounter, H803

H803 chip mounter combines the characteristics of high-speed dispenser and universal placement machine together. It is used for placement of components that need to be glued by red gum, white glue and solder paste simultaneously. Supporting the function of 3D placement, H803 chip mounter is applied to place a broad range of electronic components and special-shaped components, like capacitors, resistors, integrated circuits onto the main boards which are in turn used in mobile phones, military equipment and high-precision intelligent controllers.

Model H803 Chip mounter
Positioning Fixed vision
Number of axes 1 head* 4 nozzles
Speed 4000 CPH(IPC9850)
Components □5-32mm(H15mm) □60mm(Option)
PCB Min.50(L)*50(w)mm
Feeder 96 lanes, 8mm
Placement accuracy ±40µm@µ+3σ/chip. ±25μm@µ+3σ/QFP (determined by standard components)
Power supply / Air pressure AC 380V±8% 50Hz0.5~1.0Mpa
Rated power 3.8KW
Machine weight 1400KG
Dimensions 1680(L)*1380(W)*1850(H)mm

1. High - precision electric feeder
2. Adoption of linear motors realizes less noise, long service life, stable operation of the machine and faster placement.
3. Precision compensation system minimizes the accuracy deviation caused by operating time.
4. Reel Bank integrated structure facilitates operation.
5. The automatic alignment of components’ position by the feeder increases production capacity.

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