Chip Mounter, H806

H806 Chip mounter adopts dual-drive linear motor, and the equipment operates fast with low noise. The Gigabit network six-eye camera on the placement machine effectively identifies the components. The high-definition camera meets the placement needs of high-precision IC. The control bus allows direct replacement for high-speed placement head. The PCB feeding mode and the number of feeder bases are optional to meet different needs. H806 Chip mounter is especially designed for picking and placing broad range of electronic components onto the main boards, which are in turn used in smart home appliances, automotive electronics, intelligent devices, etc.

Model H806 Chip Mounter
Positioning Fixed vision
Number of axes 1 head, 6 nozzles
Speed 20000 CPH (IPC9850)
Components 0201˜□35mm (H15mm)
PCB Min.50(w)*50(L)mm
Standard: 460*400mm
Optional: 460*450mm, 460*550mm, 920*550mm
PCB thickness: 0.38-4.2mm
Feeder base Standard: Can load 96 pieces of 8mm feeders (front and rear fixed base)
Can load 96 lanes of 8mm feeders(front and rear fixed base)
Can load 96 lanes of 8mm feeders(front feeder trolley and rear fixed base)
Accuracy ±50µm@µ+3σ/chip,±30µm@µ+3σ/QFP
Power supply / Air pressure AC 380V±8% 50Hz/ 0.5~1.0Mpa
Rated power 3.8KW
Machine weight 1800KG
Dimensions 1680(L)*1380(W)*1850(H)mm
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