Chip Mounter, MC812

MC812 chip mounter adopts dual-arm serial control technology and Gigabit network six-eye movable camera to improve placement efficiency. The bus control technology and modular wiring system ensure the placement machine of stable operation and beautiful appearance. MC812 chip mounter uses 220V servo motor. Its rated power of 2.5KW is the lowest in the placement machine industry. MC812 chip mounter plays an essential role in placement of components in main boards which are used in automotive electronics, power-driven supplies, small home appliances, intelligent lighting and others.

Model MC812 Chip Mounter
Positioning Flying vision
Number of axes 2 head*6 nozzles (A total of 12 suction bar)
Speed 35000 CPH (about 250000UPH)
Components 0201(0603)˜□35mm SOP.QFP etc. (H15mm)
PCB Min.50(w)*50(L)mm
Optional: 320(W)*1200(L)mm once feeding
320(W)*1500(L)mm twice feeding
Feeder 64 lanes, 8mm
Placement accuracy ±50µm@µ+3σ/chip,±30µm@µ+3σ/QFP (determined by standard components)
Power supply/ Air pressure AC 220V 0.5~0.7Mpa
Rated power 2.5KW
Machine weight 1800KG
Dimensions 1750(L)*1250(W)*1410(H)mm

1. High - precision electric feeder
2. Servo control ensures stable supply of components.
3. Precision compensation system minimizes the accuracy deviation caused by operating time.
4. The single feeder of the Reel Bank integrated structure facilitates operation.
5. Automatic alignment of component’ suction position by feeder improves production capacity.
6. Compatible with: SME electric feeder, SM electric pneumatic feeder
7. Small machine body, energy-saving and eco-friendly.
8. Covering small area compared with imported machines, MC 812 features low electricity and gas consumption and is cost-saving.

Super long substrate segmented placement

egmented placement of super long substrate is suitable for long substrate, it also shortens the transmission time through high-speed clamping of the board (compared with the previous production mode) to further improve the production efficiency. For long substrates that required to be clamped for multiple times, placement area can be set after each time of clamping so that the exact placement position can be properly distributed and the production efficiency is improved.

1200mm Placement for once
1500mm Placement for twice

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