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Company Tour

Through the company tour, customers can gain a general understanding about our technical strength and manufacturing facilities.

Exterior View
  • GrandSeed Headquarter
  • Subsidiary company in Shenzhen
  • We purchased three sets of CNC lathes for high-precision and high-efficiency automatic processing of complex workpieces, such as cylinders, arc artifacts and more.

  • The large-scale CNC punching machine is ideally suitable for the mass production of large-size plates.

  • We also introduced 6 sets of CNC processing centers, which integrate multiple functions like automatic changing cutting heads, and show an efficiency 5 times as high as that of regular processing machine.

  • One worker is assembling the transfer system on wave soldering machine.
  • One worker is assembling the transfer system on wave soldering machine.
  • Air circulating system is being assembled for reflow oven.

Employees of quality department conduct property test on each type of machine every month and submit an integrate property test report every three months.

  • The computer shows a temperature curve graph of reflow oven. The deviation between set temperature and actual temperature must be less than ±5℃.

  • One technician is running a test on the fully automatic screen printer. Main test items include printing sensitivity, progress, accuracy and more.


Finished products are orderly placed in the warehouse and waiting for delivery.

Contact Us

Shenzhen Grandseed Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Mr. Liu Haiming (Nick Liu)
Tel.: +86-13823284209
Email: gsd03@gsdsmt.com